Empowering Personal Growth: Exploring Core Human Values


Understanding and aligning with one’s core values are crucial for both personal and professional development. These principles guide our behavior and influence our decisions, shaping the path we take in life. “Start with Values” offers comprehensive lists of values that help individuals and organizations identify what truly matters to them.Check the list of core values.

Understanding Core Values

Core values are fundamental beliefs that drive our behavior and decision-making. They serve as an internal compass, guiding our actions and helping us navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Research-Based Core Values

The website categorizes 48 core values into four key areas: Belonging, Growth, Impact, and Fulfillment. This classification is based on research and provides a structured way to think about what values are most important to us.

Alphabetical Compilation of Values

“Start with Values” also provides an alphabetical list of 101 core values. This extensive compilation is designed to cater to a broad audience, allowing everyone to find values that resonate with their personal or organizational ethos.


Identifying and embracing our core values using the resources provided by “Start with Values” can profoundly impact our lives and careers. These values can serve as a foundation for growth and achievement.

Call to Action:

Reflect on what values are most important to you. Visit the “Start with Values” website to explore their lists and find guidance on how to integrate these values into your life and work.